Friday, 22 September 2017

The cool rocket ship

Screenshot 2017-09-18 at 10.21.32.pngMy  rocket ship is yellow and orange colors on it. Then on the bottom of the rocket is a green that blast off when the the blast off you have to try and not bump into other planet. My rocket does not have special powers when my rocket blast off you have to land on a planet and If you bump into something you will have no more gas. Then you can try again.

When my rocket blast off you have to land on Mars like the color orange on my rocket for mars  If you don't land on mars we a falling down we  would be injured or still be alive. If we had more gas we would still fly and never crash down.  

I went to Jupiter there was wholes and  aliens jumped out I got scared if it was going to hurt me.Then gas came out of jupiter and the alien went back into the whole cause It was scared and I went back to my rocket then the gas stop I went back outside and no more aliens never came out. So I decided to go in space there was so many stuff like space stuff after a while I  went to mars it was super small. I felt it and It was so weird it felt like sand so i picked it up  then I put it back onto mars then I went back to my rocket and went to Earth.  

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