Wednesday, 21 June 2017

the two evil rabbit

when people were going everywhere there was two evil rabbit who lived in a forest  came and  there was people screaming and afraid of them next the rabbit were hoping all around the world. They stepped on the car they smash the house down next they were eating people too and they died then they were still hoping and hoping. Next they could not go away  they just stayed there the people went home and they were going to come back  again so it was just them only then they were hoping to there forest and did not come back and they lived there everyday. Then lived there a long time then the people came back and they said where is the rabbit then the rabbit were gone for ever they did not come back so the people said yay they are finally gone and they lived happily ever after.

Monday, 8 May 2017

the taniwha and the tamarereti

it was nighttime and  the sky was black. And the people could not see anything then people went back to their  own houses and sleep.

then the taniwha came up when it was nighttime then it went back down under the water

It was morning. He woke up because it was time for him to get up at the morning and went outside when the sun came up.

He was hungry. He grabbed lots of fish then put it Tamarereti  went on a waka  to and went fishing with a bag on the bag.

When he was done fishing he went to take a nap on the waka next  when he took a nap. the wind was blowing the boat to the sand and when he was there he took the bag with him.

Next it was nighttime and he build  a fire.  put one fish on the fire to eat with his bag beside when he was cooking the fish then he was done cooking his fish and ate it.

Next there was shiny  pebbles on the waka when it was night. And he started grabbing them off the waka.

So he went on the waka. and throw some shiny pebbles on the sky and made some little shiny stars on top of the sky.

Next there was lots and lots of shiny pebbles all over the world  and all over the place.

Thursday, 6 April 2017

my bin it movie

it is impotent to pick up rubbish on the ground so it can be clean

The Invisible Thief

Thank you to the Duffy people who send Pt England School Duffy books. It was very nice of you to bring us books to our School and our friends that really like books that you gave us books from Luisa.

Friday, 31 March 2017

jack robbot

Jack was lonely he was sad because he was trying  to look for a friend then he created a. new friend and taped on a smile they walk to the log. And Sat  there with her friend then the smile.came of the box then he got hurting feeling inside him then he went to the log looked to the ground then a girl came  saw him then she made a noise then he looked to the girl then walk to her then they sat down on the log then plug hands.


Room 14 line up to blow bubbles  in the morning  outside in our groups. we need to take turns with the bubbles.outside in the shade then room 14 put the lead on top of the bubbles then we need to gave the bubbles to our teacher and went back to class.

about me

Hi my name is Luisa and I am seven years old.  I go to Pt England School. I play with my mum and dad. so my family went outside having fun so me  my cousin were playing games on her phono. Which is a fun game to play then we were eating some food then we went to sleep inside the house.