Friday, 3 July 2020



Happy Holidays to you all hopefully you guys have had an great term and hopefully you have an wonderful chillax holiday!!!

What I'm looking forward this holiday?

The things I am looking forward this holiday!

1. What I am looking forward this holiday is too d some winter learning journey!
2. The second thing I am looking forward too is too spend time with my family and have an enjoyable time with them
3. The third thing I am looking forward too is to chill
4. the fourth thing I am looking forward too is hopefully do some creative things like craft
5. Last but not least is too have the BEST time!

What was your favourite things this term?

What was your favourite things this term?

1.  My favourite thing this term was Tech, the reason why it was tech was because we did some fun arts and fun things learning about different kinds of games.
2.  My other favourite thing was SHARED LUNCHHH! shared lunch was very fun & Excited especially the food it was sooo YUM
3. My favourite thing was doing arts & crafts this year since we haven't done this much arts & it was enjoyable.
4. My last favourite thing was spending time with my classmates and having fun with them!

What was your favourite thing this term?

Genius hour Results!

Malo e lelei, Talofa lava, Today I am showing you my results 
for my genius hour I did, Yesterday we had to show Rm 3 our genius hour presentation,
Mrs Tele'a had to rate how we interact with the audience and how we communicate with 
them as well, This is my results on my genius hour presentation!

Thursday, 2 July 2020

Genius Hour!

Malo e lelei My name is Luisa Today I am here to show you my genius hour! this genius hour is about Cooking/Banking the reason why i chose these stuffis because I wanna know more about it and I maybe wanna be a cheff in the future, there is 2 Quiz question, hopefully you enjoyed it!

Malo Aupito, Meia Luisa

Monday, 29 June 2020


Malo e lelei My name is Luisa and today I  will be telling you about what happened last week friday. Last week friday it was Matariki day, Matariki represents the 7 stars which is (Tupu a nuku, Tupu a rangi, waiti, waita , waipuna rangi , and last but not least Urangi, for matariki all of Pt England students were in groups, the group I was in was ( Cooking & Craft ) 2 people helped cooking with Mrs Tele’a, The people that were doing the craft were in groups of 6/7 decorating stars and many more to come. 2 of my FAVOURITE highlights was when we had to decorate our tables, we were decorating our tables so when we go eat our table is nice, decorated, & clean, 1 of my other highlights is when we all gpt to sit on our tables, sing, do our prayer , eat. ( What is Matariki?) Matariki is not only about the 7 stars it is also about celebrating the Maori new year some people say its bad if you don't see the 7 sisters in the sky.   

What did you do for Matariki?

Thursday, 25 June 2020

Pie Graph

Malo e lelei Today I will be showing what Me and Rm 3 did in lockdown, This is a Graph of what we did in lockdown so for an example, 4 people did Baking/cooking with there whanau, so This graph tell's how many people spended time with their family or what they did in the lockdown.
                                                                         Hope you enjoy!