Friday, 31 March 2017

jack robbot

Jack was lonely he was sad because he was trying  to look for a friend then he created a. new friend and taped on a smile they walk to the log. And Sat  there with her friend then the smile.came of the box then he got hurting feeling inside him then he went to the log looked to the ground then a girl came  saw him then she made a noise then he looked to the girl then walk to her then they sat down on the log then plug hands.


Room 14 line up to blow bubbles  in the morning  outside in our groups. we need to take turns with the bubbles.outside in the shade then room 14 put the lead on top of the bubbles then we need to gave the bubbles to our teacher and went back to class.

about me

Hi my name is Luisa and I am seven years old.  I go to Pt England School. I play with my mum and dad. so my family went outside having fun so me  my cousin were playing games on her phono. Which is a fun game to play then we were eating some food then we went to sleep inside the house.


On friday the whole school went to the picnic to have some fun. Then we went to find a shad. then the class were eating under the shade and there was a lot of people. Next I went to the park then i had so much fun with my friends at the park then the year fours went to the beach then the kids were playing with the sand. it was

really fun then the year fours went in the water but it was freezing so i went out of the water but then i went back in the water and  i was swimming with my friends. Then they were going to get out but they wanted to play with me so it was really fun to do then the whole year fours  girls went to go changed. Next the boys went to change there clothe too then when they were finished year fours needed to get out of the water then they did then girls went to the to change there they played at the park then the some  of pt. England school went to go to sing a song then i went to go there to watch them sing then i went back to the park it was fun. Then  the teacher came to say that pt. England school were going back to school so the whole. School went to the field then sat down then our teacher. Said our names then pt. England went back to their classroom. With their mums then i went back home. With our mums then. I went back home.


                                        This week my class went to swimming
On monday   room 14 went to go swimming our teacher. Was bringing our swimming togs then the whole class went to go outside to line up a shrat  line  . Next  we went to the toilet in our lines  then we walked to the toilet to changed into our swimming togs.then when the classroom was finished they grab their bags with there tol. Next they went to line up for swimming and it was so exciting.

next when we were there we went for a shower first . Then  when we were done we went to go in the water nicely. because we don't want to get water in our eyes then our swimming coach told us to get yourself a swimming board. Next we had to put our hands on top of the board then we needed to kick. Faster as we can because if we don't we could drown under. The water then when we were finished with the swimming board next our swimming  coach   said to put our board away then he said we were using our hands then when we swim there then we had to come back then we were finished we came out of the swimming pool then when we were out we grab our tol then line up in a straight line then when we went out it was so cold outside then we went back to class.