Friday, 31 March 2017


On friday the whole school went to the picnic to have some fun. Then we went to find a shad. then the class were eating under the shade and there was a lot of people. Next I went to the park then i had so much fun with my friends at the park then the year fours went to the beach then the kids were playing with the sand. it was

really fun then the year fours went in the water but it was freezing so i went out of the water but then i went back in the water and  i was swimming with my friends. Then they were going to get out but they wanted to play with me so it was really fun to do then the whole year fours  girls went to go changed. Next the boys went to change there clothe too then when they were finished year fours needed to get out of the water then they did then girls went to the to change there they played at the park then the some  of pt. England school went to go to sing a song then i went to go there to watch them sing then i went back to the park it was fun. Then  the teacher came to say that pt. England school were going back to school so the whole. School went to the field then sat down then our teacher. Said our names then pt. England went back to their classroom. With their mums then i went back home. With our mums then. I went back home.

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