Monday, 8 May 2017

the taniwha and the tamarereti

it was nighttime and  the sky was black. And the people could not see anything then people went back to their  own houses and sleep.

then the taniwha came up when it was nighttime then it went back down under the water

It was morning. He woke up because it was time for him to get up at the morning and went outside when the sun came up.

He was hungry. He grabbed lots of fish then put it Tamarereti  went on a waka  to and went fishing with a bag on the bag.

When he was done fishing he went to take a nap on the waka next  when he took a nap. the wind was blowing the boat to the sand and when he was there he took the bag with him.

Next it was nighttime and he build  a fire.  put one fish on the fire to eat with his bag beside when he was cooking the fish then he was done cooking his fish and ate it.

Next there was shiny  pebbles on the waka when it was night. And he started grabbing them off the waka.

So he went on the waka. and throw some shiny pebbles on the sky and made some little shiny stars on top of the sky.

Next there was lots and lots of shiny pebbles all over the world  and all over the place.

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