Thursday, 19 October 2017

Musical madness

As we were walking  to assembly I felt so excited because of the instruments. I stepped in the hall and saw Mr J he looked so crazy like a rockstar. Then we sat down on the floor we sat up nicely after the music stopped something crazy happened. The teachers were on the stage because they were going to sing the musical madness song to us. I really enjoyed it and it was awesome.

In a while it was time for team three’s video I really enjoyed it was so funny.  The teacher were having a conversation by using songs  I used to know some songs I really enjoyed the songs too I really loved it . Everyone and the teacher were always laughing and enjoying it too. Then they stopped laughing the video was finished it was time for the next video.

Finally team five was going to show us their items they pretended that they had three adopted kids but it was the teachers the item that they used was cups and popcorn they were sitting on a couch. They put the popcorn in the cup and they was watching a Lion king movie they were skipping the Lion king. Everyone keeped on laughing I really enjoyed it the the teacher put a scary song well the lion king movie was playing the teachers wanted to change it so it changed. The teachers was throwing popcorn at the movie I really loved it and it was awesome and really enjoyed it and loved it.

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  1. Hi Luisa, it is me Le'Shar and I like your movie and your work and you you are cool. what is you favourite part of the assemble?

    Form Le'Shar