Friday, 3 November 2017

Pen Pal Video

Dear Ema,

This term we been learning about music and musical madness.  We have made our instruments that we use to make music. We made our instruments with a cup with stuff inside and tape. It was so fun to make! We have been playing recorders and practising so we can get better at playing our recorders. It was super fun but sometimes really loud and annoying. What have you guys been learning this term?  

Our term has just started I am looking foreword to team sport prize giving and film festival all the kind of fun stuff. What have been you looking foreword this year? Every friday we do fun stuff like art painting and coloring which is really fun to do on fridays. Do you guys do fun things on friday? What is your favourite country that you would like to see? I like to play cricket because it is really fun and you can have more time to play cricket.             

What is your favourite sport to play? I really love your picture that's on my letter and it really looks like disneyland. I liked the color that you chose to put on the letter on the outside. Do you guys play music and make your instruments with stuff? We have a bike track that you can ride bikes on which is really fun to go on. Are you guys are allowed to bring your scooter and bikes? We are. I hope you enjoy your day

From Luisa.

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