Wednesday, 6 June 2018

The bucket

Once upon a time there was different animals living in a farm with a bucket with water inside of it there was two chicken and lots of bees there was also two birds and a rabbit. There was a donkey and a bull tay. They went to the bucket and drink the water because they were thirsty the first one was the bees there was a lot of bees they just Didn't drink it they went in side in it was like they were swimming but they got out of it and it was time for the next one it was the two birds one was flying and the other one was drinking after they were drinking the water someone came but they did not know who it is so it just came in to their farm and it was the other animals that was trying to kill them so all of the animals went to hide really quick and the other animals could not find them so they keeped on finding and finding but still nothing.
The next day the animals wake and  they'd never got found so they went back outside and saw a jacket that said bad animals and they had sharp knives so they tried to hide it in a secret place and started to shut the door and when they shut the door the bad animals ran into the farmhouse and really quickly they ran to their hiding spots like the other time os first the two birds were hiding inside the hay and the donkey was hiding behind the farmhouse and the bull and the bees and the rabbit was hiding in side of the cage with a blanket and the bad animals found them so they started chasing them and they took a break but they still keeps on chasing them and they were the animals were having a fight and they did not STOP so they just fighted for two weeks but then there faces turned into a monster because they have not blink their eyes for two weeks so they had to blink for one time and they did but the mean bad animals went back to there farm and stayed there. So the animals lived happily ever after. THE END

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  1. Hi luisa I really like the picture you had drawn and also it looks like you were trying your best to get more writing and doing a hard work to get every thing done. Do you wish you made another task like this?