Friday, 9 August 2019

Show not tell

Show Not Tell

Tell sentence: It was a cold and rainy day.
Show sentence: it was cold and it was raining,I could feel the rain rapidly dropping in my jacket making a blast.I can feel the breeze coming my way,I can see people with jackets on.

Tell sentence: I went to the beach.

Show sentence: I can feel the sun that is heating me up,I can feel the clear water.I can feel the shadow of the trees that is covering up my face,I can see people wearing swimsuits and can hear kids splashing the water.

Tell sentence: Carol bought new shoes because hers broke.

Show sentence: When I wear them i can feel the ripped holes,I can feel the water soaking my shoes and my socks. I got new shoes and I was happy,I couldn’t feel any holes in my shoes when I was playing,I couldn’t feel any water soaking through my shoes or my socks.I felt happy that I got new shoes and played happily ever after.

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  1. Kia Ora,
    Wow this is awesome. My favourite one is the beach. Next time you need to make shore that it has capital I's. The Hot sun makes me want it to be summer.