Monday, 29 June 2020


Malo e lelei My name is Luisa and today I  will be telling you about what happened last week friday. Last week friday it was Matariki day, Matariki represents the 7 stars which is (Tupu a nuku, Tupu a rangi, waiti, waita , waipuna rangi , and last but not least Urangi, for matariki all of Pt England students were in groups, the group I was in was ( Cooking & Craft ) 2 people helped cooking with Mrs Tele’a, The people that were doing the craft were in groups of 6/7 decorating stars and many more to come. 2 of my FAVOURITE highlights was when we had to decorate our tables, we were decorating our tables so when we go eat our table is nice, decorated, & clean, 1 of my other highlights is when we all gpt to sit on our tables, sing, do our prayer , eat. ( What is Matariki?) Matariki is not only about the 7 stars it is also about celebrating the Maori new year some people say its bad if you don't see the 7 sisters in the sky.   

What did you do for Matariki?

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